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Forensic Science: Objectives

Forensic Sciences

Poll Questions

Where do you usually start when doing research for school?
I google it.: 53 votes (23.77%)
I go to Wikipedia.: 100 votes (44.84%)
I ask a teacher, parent, or friend.: 3 votes (1.35%)
I use books.: 9 votes (4.04%)
I use library databases.: 55 votes (24.66%)
None of the above.: 3 votes (1.35%)
Total Votes: 223

Project Objective

Students will design an activity involving commercials that would demonstrate how different factors influence our ability to observe.

Today's Lesson Objective

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Write a research question on their chosen experiment topic
  • Identify search tools and search strategies
  • Understand the importance of citing sources 
  • Know where to go for help citing sources