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English 2 (Mua): Learning Objectives


Poll Questions

When you need information, where do you go FIRST?
Google: 182 votes (78.79%)
Wikipedia: 7 votes (3.03%)
Teacher: 1 votes (0.43%)
Friend: 5 votes (2.16%)
Parent: 9 votes (3.9%)
Social Media: 2 votes (0.87%)
Library: 17 votes (7.36%)
Other: 8 votes (3.46%)
Total Votes: 231

Research Assignment

Each group will conduct research on the subject of genocide. Using credible, reliable sources, each group will create a Weebly site which answers the questions below:

  • What was the impetus for the genocide (e.g., desire for political power, religious persecution, etc)? What groups were involved, both as victim and aggressor?
  • What was the duration of the genocide
  • How did the aggressors feel about their role (e.g., did they see themselves as "just following orders", as morally justified)?
  • How were the lives of the survivors affected?
  • How did the international community respond to the genocide?


Today's Lesson Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify search tools and search strategies for finding relevant articles and books
  • Find and email themselves an article on some aspect of genocide
  • Understand the importance of citing sources 
  • Know where to go for help citing sources