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Citing Sources: Citing Sources/Avoiding Plagiarism

Resources for properly citing sources in papers an research projects.


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Why Cite?

Citing your sources is important because:

  • Giving credit (attribution) to original authors helps you avoid plagiarizing
  • Citations allow your readers to find your sources
  • Citations add credibility to your arguments
  • Your teachers expect it as part of standard academic work

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction

Citation Tools

MLA Examples

Note: hanging indentations not included

Plagiariams - Common Craft

As you watch the video, write on your white board at least one thing you can do to avoid accidental plagiarism.

What is Patchwriting?

Avoid Patchwriting

You may be guilty of patchwriting if you are trying to paraphrase or quote information you don't fully understand. Patchwriting happens when you take bits and pieces of the original quote and patch it together with a few of your own words. Patchwriting is a form of plagiarism that you want to avoid!



Investigators are also studying the anti-cancer activities of cannabis, as a growing body of preclinical and and clinical data concludes that cannabinoids can reduce the spread of specific cancer cells via apoptosis (programmed cell death) and by the inhibition of angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels).

Most importantly, investigators are now studying the anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids. There is an increasing amount of preclinical and clinical data that conclude that cannabinoids stop the spreading of specific cancer cells through programmed cell death and the prevention of the forming of new blood vessels (Recent Research on Medicinal Marijuana).

Practice paraphrasing.

Open this google doc and make a copy of your own. Follow directions at the top of the page.

Signal Phrases

Signal phrases are used to introduce quotes in your paper or your debate. Sample signal phrases may include

• According to …

As described by …

As stated in …

• In the words of …

Sample signal verbs may include

• Argues

• Disputes

• Insists

• Theorizes